Waking Up Your Yard and Garden This Spring
Cathy Basile, 04-14-2019

Tuning up your lawnmower is an important first step toward getting ready to "wake" your lawn and garden this spring.
Stephen Mulé
This is the time of year when all gardeners start daydreaming about summer’s fresh vegetables growing in their gardens, surrounded by lush green lawns. Now is the time to get started turning dreams into reality.

Probably the least enjoyable task is cleaning up the fall leaves missed before the first snow and picking up any branches the winter storms have knocked down, but with all that done, you will have a clean slate and can begin waking up the yard and garden.

This is also the perfect time to pull the lawnmower out of the garage and do a little maintenance. Sharpen or replace the blade, change the oil and be sure the undercarriage is clear of grass clippings from last year. If your lawn was still growing after the last mowing in the fall you will want to give it a fresh cut to about 2 ½”. Often you may notice bare spots in the lawn; use a lawn repair mix that is a combination of mulch, fertilizer and several types of grass seed. Do this as early in the spring as possible as to give the seed time to establish itself before you begin your fertilization program.

As soon as the soil warms up a bit and grass begins to grow, experts say it’s the perfect time to apply a slow release granulated “weed and feed” that includes a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer. For the gardener that likes to use organic products, there are a number of very effective products on the market that will green up your lawn and also control crabgrass without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Early spring is also an excellent time to lay out your flower and vegetable gardens on paper. You can find excellent free resources to help you plan online. Some flower garden ideas that will freshen up your landscape include placing large containers among your regular plantings to create more visual interest. Large pots can also be great for growing herbs, adding beauty to your landscape and flavor in your kitchen. Have an old wheelbarrow that has outlived its usefulness? Turn it into a planter filled with a variety of colors and textures. Graceful trailing flowers and vines create a softer outline to any container, helping it blend more naturally into your existing garden.

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