City Moves to Create Public Art Master Plan
Alex Hall, 03-08-2019

A public art installation in New York City.
Stephen Mulé
On February 27th, the City of Cuyahoga Falls held a meeting to hear public commentary on the creation of a public art master plan, which would help oversee the placement of public artwork in the city and institute policies to govern a public art program. Ideally, such a plan will encourage public art throughout the city.

The city received proposals from a variety of groups, but settled on public art consultant Todd Bressi to help create the plan along with Via Partnership, a public art planner, curator, and producer headquartered in St. Louis and New York. Bressi, in association with Via, will approach the creation of the plan in five phases, including the creation of a work plan, research and discovery, community outreach, strategy creation, and plan development and approval.

To engage the city's residents in the process, the Community Development Department, Bressi, Via, and the Division of Neighborhood Excellence, Communications and Community Outreach (NECCO) will administer surveys, meetings, roundtable discussions, and more. A Public Art Master Plan Advisory Committee has also been formed, consisting of “a cross-section of various interests related to arts, planning, economic development, environment, neighborhood, and historic preservation,” according to a press release.

Regarding the creation of the master plan, Mayor Don Walters said “It is long overdue, but I am thrilled to begin the planning process to offer public art installations throughout the entire city. It will certainly add to our quality of life here in Cuyahoga Falls.”

Mr. Bressi did not respond to requests for comment. The Falls Free Press will follow this story as it develops.

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