Details Emerge Regarding Colavecchio Council Resignation
Alex Hall, 02-12-2019

Councilman Paul Colavecchio (D-At-large) at a Cuyahoga Falls city council meeting in April 2018.
Stephen Mulé
Councilman Paul Colavecchio (D-At-large) resigned his seat effective February 15th to avoid any potential conflict of interest with his wife, Diana Colavecchio, likely being named the city’s next Community Development Director. He submitted his resignation on February 6th, effective February 15th, and he confirmed his motivation for doing so to the Falls Free Press on February 11th.

Of his wife’s likely appointment to the position, which council must approve, he said “it would fill out a team of all-stars,'s a great position for her...and she'd be great for the city.”

In the wake of the announcement of the plan to resign his seat, Colavecchio’s colleagues on council praised his service to the city.

Drew Reilly (D-1) said “Working with Councilman Colavecchio has been an honor. It has been a great opportunity to learn from him as both a community leader and a person. I wish Paul all the best and want to thank him for all his years of dedicated public service.”

Council President Mary Nichols-Rhodes characterized Colavecchio as “a tremendous asset on City Council,” adding that “he has been a true public servant, working hard for the residents of our city.”

Adam Miller (R-6) praised Colavecchio for his motivation to serve on council and in other capacities ultimately in order to “create a better world for his daughter and family.” He continued by saying, “I appreciated his honesty and sincerity relative to his service on city council and also his service to our community in other capacities.”

Tim Gorbach (D-At-large) said Colavecchio’s “performance over the years has been exemplary as has his ethical and moral compass in all decisions he has made during that time. He has a tremendous passion for our City.”

As the Falls Free Press has reported, Gorbach has filed petitions to appear on the November ballot in hopes of taking over Colavecchio’s seat.

“I am honored to be a candidate for the seat he so proudly holds and will work hard to win this November in his honor,” he said. “I look forward to continuing the support he has for the positive transformation of our great city.”

For his own part, Colavecchio said “I’ve been [on council] for the six most exciting years of Cuyahoga Falls. If I had to serve at any time in the history of Cuyahoga Falls, I really couldn't think of a better time.” He added, “I'm leaving the city in a good place, and I know it will only get better.”

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