Mayor Don Walters Meets Residents on Their Turf
Ellen Stair, 12-03-2018

Ward 4 residents listen as Mayor Don Walters speaks during a Front Yard Information (FYI) meeting.
Ellen Stair
Beginning in October, Mayor Don Walters began holding Front Yard Information (FYI) meetings in the front yards of Cuyahoga Falls Neighborhood Ambassadors. The meetings cover a lot of ground, including discussions of ways to keep Cuyahoga Falls neighborhoods safer and help foster a strong sense of community in city neighborhoods.

“We are committed to bringing City Hall and our resources into our neighborhoods through the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative and Front Yard Information meetings,” the Mayor said. “We know that our programs and services are only as good as the number of people who know about and utilize them and this is one more way we can provide better and more effective communication to our residents.”

At one such meeting in Ward 4, topics the Mayor addressed included ways to improve the local environment, such as by cleaning up litter. The Mayor also provided some insight into how the city operates, and emphasized his aim to put the community first and help inspire residents to look out for each other to keep Cuyahoga Falls safe.

Given the makeup of the Falls community, the Mayor suggested the simple act of being neighborly to educate and enlighten others. “You’d be amazed at the diversity and how much you can learn from your neighbors,” he said.

As some streets in Ward 4 were recently paved, Mayor Walters expressed some caution. Although it is nice when a road becomes paved, he said, it can cause drivers to speed more, potentially endangering children and small animals.

Front Yard Informational meetings are meant to enlighten communities and to bring neighborhoods together, in part by letting citizens know what exactly they can do to help make their town its best.

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