The Cure for a Sweet Tooth:
Vincent's Bakery
Mike Searl, 11-30-2018

Stephen Mulé
Vincent's Bakery on Bailey Road is the perfect place in Cuyahoga Falls to answer the age-old question of “donut or doughnut?” More than just donuts (doughnuts?), though, this Falls institution offers Italian specialties like—say it with us now—sfoliatelle, aka “lobster tails” (no lobsters harmed), biscotti, and cannoli, plus non-Italian favorites, such as eclairs, strudel, tea cookies, and more. The bakery’s facebook page also touts its “famous” Italian wedding cake and fresh-baked bread.

Walking into the bakery itself is like stepping back in time, possibly because it has been in business for 61 years. There are no tables or booths for customers to sit and enjoy the goods—customers simply order what they want, hand over the dough (yeah, we went there), and take it to go. To the right of the door is a display case full of donuts, pizzelles, and creamsticks, and on the left is an older-style refrigerated cooler holding chilled delights. Opposite the entrance is a cake and cookie display case from behind which customers are greeted as they choose their treats. Early on weekend mornings, customers can be seen milling around outside, slow-walking to their cars as they polish off a cannoli or other treat.

Vincent’s does not disappoint with these treats either. The elephant ears, while strong on cinnamon, are light and fluffy with a buttery, flaky dough crusted with sugar and cinnamon. Vincent’s donuts are also light and fluffy, not heavy, greasy, or overly rich. Biting into a creamstick is a surprise as well, as Vincent’s light, airy, buttercream filling has hints of almond and vanilla. The custard filling for the Boston Cream pastry, meanwhile, is thick but not heavy, and the custard stays in the donut rather than oozing out after one bite. Another filled pastry of note is the cherry-apple “jelly donut.” Sweet and fruity cherry pairs with just enough of the tartness of the apple to blend well. Finally, Cuyahoga Falls public school alumni will remember the Hollywood Square, a school lunch dessert staple. However, Vincent’s Hollywood Square is different from that of the city school district’s cafeterias. Twice as tall, it is flaky rather than creamy, and is a bit more like Buckeye candy than a Hollywood Square, but it is delicious all the same. Another pleasant surprise at Vincent’s is the price—the elephant ear, creamstick, Boston Cream, jelly donut, and Hollywood square all came to a mere eight bucks.

Vincent’s Bakery definitely has the cure for a sweet tooth, and it is truly what a bakery once was and always should be.

Vincent's Bakery is located at 2038 Bailey Road in Cuyahoga Falls.

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