Sensational Scents at Sisters Scented Candles
Staff Review, 11-30-2018

Sisters Scented Candles owner Sue Evans, left, poses with employee Vickie Guchemand, right.
Stephen Mulé
Sisters Scented Candles in Cuyahoga Falls has been owned and operated by Sue and Bill Evans since 2003, and enabling the candle addictions of Falls residents and visitors from their retail location on Portage Trail since 2013. The owners’ friendly smiles and welcoming demeanor put customers at ease as they enter the store, enticed by the mixture of smells emanating from within.

A production area lies to one side of the business's space, where candles, wax melts, and face masks are made. On the other side is a playground of scents, reawakening memories by way of olfactory overload. The owners take pride in using all-natural, soy-based wax and cotton, coreless self-trimming wicks, which they feel is superior to petroleum-based candles because their candles are fully burnable and completely soot free.

Customers are encouraged to smell their 12oz. jar candles to get the “true” smell, unlike other stores where the full body of the smell is on the lid. The Evans are very picky with their fragrances and only pick the highest quality of scents—so people can actually smell what is printed on the candles’ labels. In fact, some scents, such as “Fresh Cut Rose,” were developed over years of testing, and the variety ranges from baked goods to florals to fruit fragrances. Each scent, moreover, smells clean and true, not overly strong like some mass-manufactured candles available in stores. One standout is “Fresh Baked Bread”; the first sniff has a yeasty quality, but a second smell delivers the unmistakable aroma of fresh baking bread. Other refreshing fragrances include “Tomato Basil,” which smells like a tomato plant growing outside, and “Fresh Coffee,” which smells like a coffee shop or a large cup of dark roast.

Smells very well may transport people back in time to places visited or family memories. One of our reporters noticed the “Santa’s Pipe” scent and asked, with a gleam in her eye, “does this smell like pipe tobacco?” Without hesitation, Evans ran to her studio and returned with the freshly made candle. Tears pooled in the reporter’s eyes as she came near the scent, thanks to overwhelming memories of her grandfather that came flooding back from when she was five years old, sitting on his lap as he smoked his cherry blend tobacco pipe.

Even with all the feelings the Evans’ candles bring, they also come with a reasonable price. Each 12 oz. candle costs $16.00, while melts are only $6.00 each. The friendly atmosphere and euphoric vibe of the store, moreover, makes customers feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Sisters Scented Candles is located at 1729 Portage Trail. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm. For more information, visit their website,

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