Memories of Falls Community at Center of Girl Scout Gold Award Project
Bart Sullivan, 02-10-2020

Cuyahoga Falls High School student Katy Spinner holds up a poster for the Cuyahoga Falls Postcard Project, for which she organized for her Girl Scout Gold Award.
Provided by Katy Spinner
As the Cuyahoga Falls art community continues to grow, artwork, artists, and galleries are garnering more and more attention. For one upcoming display in particular, both the artist and focus of the work are products of Cuyahoga Falls.

Cuyahoga Falls High School Senior Katy Spinner, in cooperation with the DTCF Partnership, Collide: Cuyahoga Falls, and Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, is in the process of completing an art piece for her Girl Scout Gold Award and Senior Capstone. To do so, however, Spinner asks for assistance from the community, compiling memories and images of Cuyahoga Falls over time.

“Throughout my years of scouting, one of the many principles they enforce is to include everyone,” explains Spinner. “My project is meant to include the whole community and bring them together for something they all have in common, their love of the Falls.”

To participate, Spinner has asked the public to recreate their favorite memory or image of Cuyahoga Falls through drawing, painting, designing, writing, or however one chooses, on a blank postcard. Postcards for the project will be available at designated locations, including Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, Metropolis Popcorn, Quirk Cultural Center, Cuyahoga Falls Library, and The Social Dept. Once completed, postcards can be returned to one of these locations or mailed to the address on the front of the card by February 29. Also, these entries are not limited only to people currently living in Cuyahoga Falls. As long as the postcard is submitted to the address on the front, it will be accepted. The project’s progress can even be followed via or on social media.

“The DTCF Partnership is supporting Katy by providing her with resources, connections, and access to the Downtown,” explains Abby Poeske, Executive Director of the DTCF Partnership. “Ultimately, it is Katy's project and we are here to cheer her on and help with any obstacles she may run into.This is a model we hope to see among any of our community members who want to take initiative and accomplish projects which will help make our downtown community more vibrant.”

According to Girl Scouts, Gold Award Scouts are those who make a difference and take making the world a better place to the next level, creating lasting change in their community. By working with the DTCF Partnership, a nonprofit established to revitalize Downtown Cuyahoga Falls and the riverfront area, Katy’s project shows that these ideals start at home.

“I have many favorite memories that were made in the Falls, but one that comes to mind is ice skating with my friends on cold Friday nights after CF varsity basketball games,” Spinner said. “Whenever I go skating at the Downtown Cuyahoga Falls rink with my sister or other close friends, I am reminded of my elementary school years and nostalgia hits me as I recall clinging to the ice rink walls and feeling the bitterly cold wind on my scarf-covered face.”

The final project will be displayed on Front Street during the All City Art Walk, April 23, 2020. While Spinner and her advisor, CFHS Art teacher Jennifer Schulman, are working on how the cards will be displayed, more information will be announced on social media as decisions are made closer to its unveiling.

“To anyone wanting to start their own Gold Award project, my advice is to always be confident, even through the toughest parts of it,” Spinner explains. “Keep your head held high and if you work hard and give your heart in the project, it will undoubtingly be one of the best and most fulfilling achievements that you will ever pursue in your life."

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